Te `E`a O Te Turama and Fun to Jump Kona are proud to present "Heiva I Hawai`i 2020," February 14, 15 and 16 in Kailua Kona, Hawai`i. In this our 9th year, we look to reach the larger Kailua-Kona community and provide a beautiful weekend of culture and artistry. From riveting drum dances to unique cultural artisans and ono kine grinds, this is one event you don't want to miss. The event is open to the public with no entry fee.

This weekend-long event kicks off on Friday, February 15th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm with the Mr and Miss Heiva I Hawai`i 2020 Beauty Pageant. The Tane and Vahine, and Tamaroa and Tamahine, of our community will compete in the casual wear, talent and evening wear segments. Also featuring a Tahitian Soiree of music and dance from Te `E`a O Te Turama and friends.


Mr. Heiva 2012: Makana Keana`aina

Miss Heiva 2012: Naomi Baldemero  

Mr. Heiva 2013: Kainalu Tolentino

Miss Heiva 2013: Jeanne Kapela (Miss Kona Coffee 2013, Miss Kakaako 2014, Miss Hawaii 2015)

Miss Heiva 2014: Tehani Perkins

Mr. Heiva 2015: Brandon Borges (not pictured)

Miss Heiva 2015: Heirani Yoshida

Jr. Mr. Heiva 2015: Turner Naone Lee-Tolentino

Jr. Miss Heiva 2015: Kapuanalani Pilayo

Miss Heiva I Hawai`i 2016: Jaysha Pavao

Mr. Heiva I Hawai`i 2016: Kawena Mersberg

Jr. Miss Heiva I Hawai`i 2016: Kysha Rae Paglinawan

Jr. Mr. Heiva I Hawai`i 2016: Matthew Waipuna Tavares

Mr Heiva I Hawai`i 2017: Makoa Kailianu

Miss Heiva I Hawai`i 2017: Leah Masoe

Jr. Mr Heiva 2017: Jack Kahiau Jeremiah

Jr Miss Heiva 2017: Winnie Mears

Mr. Heiva 2018: Chastin Gorelangton

Miss Heiva 2018: Kealoha Cariaga

Jr. Mr. Heiva 2018: Kaleikaumaka Paglinawan

Jr. Miss Heiva 2018: Shayla Aiolupotea

Miss Heiva 2019: Ha`ena Keawekane

Mr. Heiva 2019:  Ru`utia Lee-Tolentino

Jr. Mr. Heiva 2019: Ku`iokalani Lee

Jr. Miss Heiva 2019: 

Saturday, February 15th, marks the first day of dance competition beginning with solo competition. Soloists, from 2 years of age to 40+ years of age, are invited to showcase their individual talent and style in a competition where skill, stage presence and costume all count!

The day will also feature couples competing in the couples' category where two must dance in unison and compliment each other in skill and style. Group presentations will begin and will continue on Sunday, February 18th. Groups may compete in one or more of the following categories: Group `Ote`a, Group Aparima, `Ahuroa and Tahitian Drumming.

Sunday, February 16th will begin with the overall soloist competition to crown 4 overall soloists in the Tamahine, Tamaroa, Tane and Vahine categories. Group presentations will continue and the event will conclude with the Awards Ceremony.

Saturday and Sunday also feature Polynesian artisans and crafters who will have beautiful items available for purchase and there will be plenty of ono kine grinds to enjoy!

Heiva I Hawai`i is proud to support local and our event features Big Island businesses and community groups.

The drums are loud, the hips are shaking and the excitement is through the roof!


Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2012

Naomi Baldomero - Te Vai Ura Nui

Makana Keana'aina - Te 'E'a o Te Turama


Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2013

Jeanne Kapela - Te 'E'a o Te Turama

Kainalu Tolentino - Te 'E'a o Te Turama


Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2014

Tehani Perkins - Te Vai Ura Nui

Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2015

Heirani Yoshida - Temana Rose Productions

Brandon Borges - To'a Here Tahitian Revue

Junior Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2015

Kapuanalani Pilayo - Kia Ahi

Ru'utia Tane Tolentino - Te 'E'a o Te Turama

Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2016

Jaysha Pavao - Te Maohi

Kawena Mersberg - Te 'E'a o Te Turama

Junior Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2016

Ku'uleialoha Paglinawan - Merahi Productions

Waipuna Tavares - Te 'E'a o Te Turama

Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2017

Leah Masoe - Merahi Productions

Makoa Ka'ilianu - Te 'E'a o Te Turama

Junior Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2017

Winnie Mears - To'a Here Tahitian Revue

Kahiau Jeremiah - Te 'E'a o Te Turama


Junior Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2018

Shayla Aiolupotea - Te Vai Ura Nui

Kaleikaumaka Paglinawan - Te Maohi


Mr & Miss Heiva I Hawaii 2018

Kealoha Cariaga - Halau E Hulali Mai I Ka La

Wene Gorelangton - Te 'E'a o Te Turama